New members need to complete a new membership application form (click on relevant link):

Newsletter 2019

Membership Form

Membership Form

Gynsill LTC offers 9 grades of membership. Prospective new members are welcome to attend a club play session either on a Saturday afternoon or a Wednesday evening before joining.

The grades of membership are as follows:

Grade Detail Fee - 2019
M Full Member £160
S Young Person(18-25 on 1st April 2019) £70
H Weekday(entitled to play up to 5.30pm excluding Sat, Sun & BHols) £90
J Junior (At Secondary School on 1st April 2019) £44
YJ Young Junior(At Primary School on 1st April 2019) £22
C Country Member(residence > 30miles from club) £69
F Family Membership(2 Adults / 2 Juniors) £345
P Parent of Junior(entitled to play only when accompanying their child) £43
A Associate Membership(entitled to use clubhouse) £6

All memberships are due for renewal on 1st April each year.

More details of the membership grades can be found on the application form.

Your personal data will be processed by the club for the purposes of club and membership administration and to facilitate your participation in club activities. Further details are available in our Privacy Policy which can be found here.